Something Had Shifted

It’s going to take time for the fact that I’m done with the class to sink in.

When I first read about your class, it sounded too good to be true. So many people make big promises that turn out to be hot air and hype. But your class was free, so there was nothing to lose (if you don’t count the drop-out pledge, which I didn’t, because I take commitments seriously). And, as I said when you interviewed me last year, I have a spiritual practice of saying “yes” to what comes my way. So I said “yes.”

As the course progressed, I didn’t see any tangible results, but then I wasn’t trying to write anything new, either. I had faith in the process, though, because you had faith in the process, and I quickly came to trust you. If you said it would work, I believed you.

When I started writing my script for the CS stage, I could tell bone-deep that something had shifted since the last time I had written a story—any kind of story, not just a screenplay. The process of creating a story I’m proud of no longer feels mysterious. As I wrote the script, I still allowed the story to flow from that deep creative connection in my heart, and not so much from my brain, as I always have. But the flow feels stronger and more sure.

If you love movies and want to write good screenplays, you’ll learn a lot about how the best stories are told from the inside out. The course is intense and requires commitment and discipline, but what you learn will help you write better stories, whether those stories are screenplays, short stories, or novels.

Marina Michaels
Author of The Forgiving Lifestyle: How to Forgive Everyone (Including Yourself)
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“Forgive. For your own sake.”