When I started, it took me weeks to write a one-page synopsis; what to include, what to leave out, what’s really going on, am I a fraud, will anyone ever love me? But now it takes me an hour. Tops. This kind of helps- immensely- when figuring out if you have the goods to write FADE IN: yet or not.
I’m pretty sure for most aspiring writers, over-thinking is a problem but Immersion Screenwriting is like a writing gym (mental note: research by going to actual gym). It makes you start the process of doing versus mulling, mumbling, procrastinating and doubting. It gets your mind out of the way and your fingers typing.
I used to feel I lacked the skill or material to write everyday, but now I am and it is seriously affecting my personal relationships. I never liked them, anyway….
Karel, you are a legend. Can’t wait to start the follow-up courses.