• 13 Modules

    Creative Screenwriting

    One hundred and fifty days ago, you started this course with the intention to write a screenplay. Finally, that day has come! At the end of the next thirty days, you will have the first draft of a complete feature screenplay. This may sound like a daunting task, but you’ve done all the hard work to prepare for this.
  • 6 Modules

    Immersion Grand

    The platinum program to kickstart your pro-screenwriting habits. Copy the brain processes of professional screenwriters, develop formatting muscle memory, and effortlessly translate ideas into proper screenplay style. Then write your own first draft - without effort.
  • 27 Modules

    Immersion Platinum

    Immersion Screenwriting Platinum will give you access to the full suite of three training modules. In the first module, you will read and process 20 screenplays. Meanwhile, you will hand copy one script page daily, for 100 days. Along the way you will acquire important skills immersively, without being aware of it. In stage 3, Reverse Screenwriting, the results of your work will be instantly apparent. A shorter, 2-month version of the course is coming soon.
  • 6 Modules

    Immersion Screenwriting

    Enrol now for a daily workout to kickstart your pro screenwriting habits! This course is about building habits, not learning theory. Get results immediately, and see more improvement with every stage of the course. You will intimately understand some of the greatest screenplays ever written, and immediately incorporate their techniques in your own writing. Copy the brain processes of the working screenwriter, develop formatting muscle memory, and learn how to translate ideas into proper screenplay style - quickly and effortlessly. Immersion Screenwriting is the online course for the 21st century. Its unique approach guarantees results, even before you reach the final module.
  • 5 Modules

    Immersion Television

    No format offers more opportunities than the TV Series. And no time has ever been better than now. Join our 50-day boot camp, and prepare to draft your own TV Series Pilot! Immersion TV is your creative workout before venturing into the final stage of your TV Series development. In a combination of learning by osmosis and active reading, you will discover the key elements of a TV Pilot: character, conflict, structure, tone, pacing and script format. You will examine the pilots for 14 of the most successful TV shows in the one-hour and half-hour format, and across a diverse range of genres. Practical, immersive tasks will ensure your learning is never theoretical and superficial, but instead enduring and profound. Acquire the talent to effortlessly translate ideas into proper screenplay style, learn to intuitively understand what a great script looks like, and develop the muscle memory of writing in perfect screenplay format. Enrol today, and play with the pros in 7 weeks!
  • 3 Modules

    Reverse Screenwriting

    This second module of Immersion Screenwriting emulates the exact brain processes that occur while a screenwriter is turning the images in their mind into properly formatted script scenes. To achieve this, you are going to transcribe a full-length feature film of your choice into your version of the script. At the end, you will be able to compare your draft with a draft by the original writer(s) of the screenplay. By the time you have completed this stage, you should be able to effortlessly translate the images and drama you see before your mental eye into a riveting screenplay.. You will also start thinking about the story of the screenplay you will be writing in Module 3: Creative Screenwriting.