Your Personal Trainer

Struggling to keep a steady writing habit?
We help you stay on schedule, day in day out.

Immersion is your professional workout
before starting your own screenplay draft.
Every day for fifty days, or six months.

For The Brave

If you are serious about screenwriting,
Immersion Platinum is the hardcore option.

A 6-month writing bootcamp,
offering access to great scripts,
and guaranteed effective training.

Best In The Galaxy

The result of 30 years experience in the film industry,
on the business as well as creative side.

From testing different learning methods,
and working with students of any skill level,
this course guarantees that within seven weeks,
you will see spectacular improvement in your writing.

Join The Community

Connect with hundreds of students via Facebook.

Share your experiences, and hear the success stories.
Immersion is a worldwide community,
and we are waiting for you!

Leisurely Learning

No study books, no lectures by gurus.

You will learn while enjoying the best screenplays,
and working with your favourite movies.
Immersion helps you become a master
in the genre of your choice.

Open To Beginners!

Never completed a script? This course is for you.

No matter what you learned on the outside,
success depends on your time spent inside.
Immersion is a stand-alone training package.

This course is full of wow-experiences. I’ve studied a lot before, but never anything like this. You bring all your previous knowledge, push that aside and throw yourself into something that feels a bit like binge-watching. Little by little you start seeing patterns.

Hannah Wallerman


If you want to be a master painter then it helps to try and reproduce the paintings of masters. The same applies to screenwriting.

Only by reading the best screenplays will you fully understand what you are really aspiring to.

David Gould


It was the push I needed to stop procrastinating and start writing. Once writing becomes part of your routine, it becomes part of you, and for me, that will continue on long after finishing the course. If you want to write, you won’t find a better course to get you started.

Emma Wilson


"You won't find a better course to get you started."

Get Started!


Immersion is a personal trainer, helping you to build a steady habit. Complete the course before you start your own first draft.

Immersionauts finish scripts.


Adopt smart techniques without memorising a single rule of theory, as you will learn by osmosis and create writing muscle memory.

Learn by doing, not by learning


Immersion provides a foundation, by focusing on 7 key genres, while offering writing practice in the genre of your choice. 

Know your genre inside-out.

Almost every single screenwriting book and teacher puts the cart before the horse.

They show you good screenwriting, and they say: write that.  They don’t actually show you how to write it. Most of them don’t care if you write anything at all, ever. They teach you how to analyse existing work. That’s useful for once you have work to analyse, because you will need to edit. But before you can analyse and edit, you need a first draft. And to do this, you need more than just analytical skills.

Having been in this industry for over thirty years, I designed a course for you that delivers on the essentials, and that helps you to find time, to create a writing habit, and to complete your scripts!

Does that sound like something you would sign up for? 



No matter where on this planet you call home, you can stretch yourself as a writer, make new friends, gain an education from the best, and increase your chances of success.

Become an Immersionaut!

Thank you for giving your students
such an amazing opportunity.




It used to take me weeks to write a synopsis. Now? An hour. Tops.

Immersion is like a writing gym. It makes you start the process of doing versus mulling, mumbling, procrastinating and doubting.

It gets your mind out of the way and your fingers typing. Karel, you are a legend.




I worked in TV news for seven years and came into this ‘blank canvas’. I learned so much from this course. It’s made me look at movies differently and look at my own writing differently. My new year resolution was to take a giant step toward being a screenwriter. I achieved that. My next will be to put what I’ve learned to work. Thanks Karel.

Alison costelloe


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