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Write It

In the Wonder module, you read 7 of the very best scripts ever written in a variety of genres.

In the Workout module, you applied the exact strategies professional screenwriters use every day.

In the final module,  I will give you 10 Questions to ponder while you prepare for the writing of your very own first draft screenplay.

These are critical questions to consider, and – preferably – to be answered in the order in which they are presented.

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But first…

Time to fulfill the promise I made to you in the Welcome module.

You started this course about two months ago with the intention to improve your screenwriting skills. At the time I made a firm commitment that you would succeed by simply completing the course. And you did.

So, in a few minutes, you will see the hard evidence that you learned a myriad of new techniques, and that writing scenes has become a whole lot easier for you…

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