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I promised you this at the beginning of the course. And now it is time to deliver.
Here comes the hard evidence of exactly how much you have learned!

Before you leave me, I want to see how you score today with that scene from Breaking Bad.
Grab your stopwatch again, and set up a new page in your screenwriting software.

Don’t look at the earlier version of this. You need to start it fresh, and then compare your work with your first attempt.


Start your timer, and … Go!

So? How did you do?

I’m convinced that you made a massive improvement. Have a look at that first attempt.
How did you describe the scene differently from last time?

I want you to submit your newly transcribed scene below, and type at the bottom of the script file how long it took you the first time around, and then this time.

I’m curious!

With this result in mind – and everything else you learned over the past 7 weeks or so, it’s now time to review my work.
What did you think of Immersion Screenwriting?

Next is our Feedback Step.