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In the Warm Up module, you copied anywhere between 15,000 an 25,000 words. While you were doing this, you familiarised yourself with contemporary screenwriting format and style.

Because you had a much closer look at some scripts than most screenwriters ever will, you are better placed than anyone when it comes to applying an appropriate style to your writing.

In the Wonder Module, you wrote about 3,500 – 5,000 words for the synopses and reports. This made you think about structure – without thinking about structure. Summarising a story requires insight into its dynamics, and you did this seven times.

When you will be writing and summarising your own stories, you will intuitively understand whether they are cohesive, well-paced and properly structured.


If you completed the Workout module according to schedule, you wrote another 15,000 Р20,000 words. You had to figure out solutions for description difficulties, and along the way, you learned how to deal with many of the typical challenges of the screenwriter.

All-in-all, that brings your total word count in the vicinity of 50,000! This is the equivalent of a short novel, or two feature length screenplays.

Next Draft

Because you learned from the very best, you have placed the benchmark high for your next draft. You have created a solid writing habit, and you are ready to continue all those newly acquired skills using your own creative work as the basis material.

This course is an ideal primer before writing your own screenplay draft.

If you are planning to write a screenplay in any particular genre, you may consider taken the Immersion Genre course for your chosen genre.

But if you want to dive right in after this course, we’ll help you organise your thoughts – and your script – using the ten questions in the next step.