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Drip Fed Content

The total workload of this course is somewhat less than our standard Immersion Screenwriting course, simply because TV scripts are shorter and more dialogue-driven. I think you will find it perfectly manageable.

However, some eager students tend to dive in a little too fast. Because there is a real danger of burnout, we try to forcibly drip-feed the content to you. On a few rare occasions, the system didn’t work, and people either got access to the whole course at once, or they got stuck in a step or module. Should either be the case for you, please let us know ASAP, and we’ll make an alternative arrangement.

Steps can only be accessed in order, after uploading the task(s) relating to the previous step, and new scripts will be available every 4 days.

If you keep up the pace, the Workout module with the Reverse Screenwriting task opens up 29 days after the start of the course.

If you take a little longer on the Warmup and Wonder modules, that’s fine.

In any case, you’ll get access to the Workout once you’ve completed all the uploads for the Wonder module.

The Wonder Module

Reading two scripts for 7 different TV series in 28 days is achievable; and actually quite a lot of fun. But if you’re not used to the format, and writing summaries is new to you, you might want to plan your time ahead.

The course was designed to require up to 1 hour every day. For most people, this is a big commitment. However, if you want to be a screenwriter, and compared to what will follow later in your career, you shouldn’t balk at it!

In case you find yourself struggling with the workload in the first few days, I recommend you organise your time in the Wonder module in accordance with the planners, which you can download from each step.

  • Click on the image above to download all planners.

For each step in the Wonder module, you will also find the relevant Workload Planner checklist, like the one above. Or you can download them all now, and print your materials in advance.

Task Order – Modules and Steps

Some modules and steps run in parallel, as you will always have copying work to do. To clarify this, here is an overview of what you should complete by which days of the course:

Day 0

        • Read – Module Welcome – About Immersion TV
        • Read – Module Warm Up – Copy the Masters of TV
        • (OPTIONAL: WritePerform +/- 30min of copying work)

Day 1-28

        • Write – Warm Up – Copy the Masters of TV for +/- 20-30min
        • Read – Wonder – Read Great TV Scripts +/- 30-40min of reading/reporting

Day 29

        • Read – Module Workout – Transcribe Two TV Episodes
        • Write – Warm Up – Copy the Masters of TV for +/- 15-20min
        • Write – Workout – Transcribe Two TV Episodes – Complete +/- 30-40min of transcribing

Day 30-49

        • WriteCopy the Masters of TV for +/- 20min
        • Write – Workout – Transcribe Two TV Episodes – Complete +/- 30-40min of transcribing

Day 50

        • Read – Module  Wrap Up – And Write On

Completing the Steps

When you complete a step, make sure you hit the Mark Complete button at the bottom of the page.

This will bring you to the next step.

Now, let’s have a look at the philosophy behind Immersion Screenwriting… and why you have made such a smart decision to learn screenwriting in this way!