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1. Get Your Gravatar

Even before we launched Immersion Television, hundreds of students had taken the Immersion screenwriting course. They mostly communicated in the Facebook groups (see below).

However, the new course site allows you to see who else is taking your course right here, and you can request to friend them. This way, you can exchange experiences, ask questions etc.

To make things a little more personal, we hope you can add a Gravatar to your account if you haven’t already done so. It’s easy, and it will allow your fellow students to see who is online, and perhaps encourage them to reach out if/when necessary.

That said, should you prefer to work privately, there is no obligation to interact with other students.

2. Immersion on Facebook

We have 2 groups on Facebook: a bigger group of all people interested in the course, and a smaller one for people who are taking or have taken the course.

You are invited to join either – or both.

We use these groups for questions and socialising. Of course you can also use this site for the same purpose, but some people just naturally gravitate towards Facebook.

The only thing I’m asking here, is to not mention the script titles in the open group. They’re supposed to be a surprise…

Before and After

I tell you that in 50 days from now, your writing skills will have skyrocketed.

And you really want to believe me, but there is that niggling element of doubt: “Yes, but will it work for me?

I’m going to give you the evidence.

All you need to do now, is work with me for the next 5 minutes…