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Getting Your Script Read & Sold Copy

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This course is deceptive.

You saw that it only contained less than 2 hours of video material, and thought it would be easy to work through this.

This is not the type of course where you listen, and then magically you achieve the learning outcomes. Like most profound learning, you will have to take action in order to achieve results.

This course is giving you a path for the actions you need to take. So rather than trying to work through the videos as quickly as possible, focus on the tasks that are suggested in the videos and in the resources.

Follow this advice, work on the courseĀ on a daily basis for at least 4 weeks, and you will notice spectacular results.

Every lecture comes with a transcript, which you can download and print, if you like to highlight sections, or make notes.

Every section comes with a worksheet. These are probably the most important resources in this course, as they help you to reflect on the material, andĀ take action.