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The speed of the Immersion course teaches time management and commitment to writing. I have really enjoyed it. Thank you Karel!”

Jo Bellew

For Everyone

By simply being able to quickly tell a story as a by-product, this course is useful for everyone.

Liam Curtin

Wax On, Wax Off

This is the ultimate “Wax on, wax off”. Karel is a great teacher who only provides the best. Commit to the hard work, and trust Immersion to get you there. I went from zero and no clue to the Stage 32 Short Film Script Semifinals in 6 months, all because… Read more “Wax On, Wax Off”

Cathinka Brustad


Learning of fundamentals without even noticing – increased awareness of elements and increased proficiency in synopsis and logline.

John Spellman

No Better Way

There is no better way to learn than to read — and to do so with enough awareness to write a synopsis ensures that we aren’t just skimming.

Tyghe Douglas Deerfield

Helped Me Immensely

This course has helped me immensely.  I have a better understanding of character development and story structure.

Tom Bussineau

Be A Master

If you want to be a master painter then it helps to try and reproduce the paintings of masters. The same applies to screenwriting. Only by reading the best screenplays will you fully understand what you are really aspiring to.

David Gould

Excellent Method

It’s an excellent method for learning about screenwriting. For those using the course to further their existing skills or to establish better habits, it can re-ignite their passion.

Catherine McClintock

Wonderful People

I didn’t know where to start or how to proceed in studying scripts.  This course provided me the opportunity to experience and write my first script.  Moreover, I met wonderful people in this group, from all over the world.  Thank you, Karel, for your dedication… Read more “Wonderful People”

Belta Straughn

Full Of Wow

This course is full of wow-experiences. I’ve studied a lot before, but never anything like this. You bring all your previous knowledge, push that aside and throw yourself into something that feels a bit like binge-watching. Little by little you start seeing patterns.

Hanna Wallerman


Karel’s Immersion Screenwriting has been wonderful! I have been challenged in many ways – but it’s been a blast! I love words and am a writer from way back, so using those skills has been incredibly fulfilling. I heartily recommend that you jump in and swim!

Jo Gifford
Spiritual Healer

Something Had Shifted

It’s going to take time for the fact that I’m done with the class to sink in. When I first read about your class, it sounded too good to be true. So many people make big promises that turn out to be hot air and… Read more “Something Had Shifted”

Marina Michaels

I am loving this course.

I am loving this course. You have to work hard but you’ll be doing what you love. The ‘Immersion’ concept really works. I would recommend this course without hesitation.

Creative Boost

I feel so privileged to have been able to do the Immersion course. The way the course is set up means that you need to spend an hour a day working on it, which for me personally, boosted my creativity enormously. It was the push… Read more “Creative Boost”

Emma Wilson


I have to do it therefore I do do it, no procrastination allowed, and I am loving it. I already find myself watching movies and TV shows through different glasses. In the past I have done writng courses where after a few days I forget… Read more “Hooked”

Karen Goldrick

Learning By Doing

This course is learning by doing. The focus is on your own efforts and the experience itself develops your skills – almost unconsciously – simply by going through the motions of the course. If anything can be learned by doing it for 10000 hours, this… Read more “Learning By Doing”

Paul Johannessen

Unexpectedly Fun

I have loved the course so far, it’s really stretched me and it’s unexpectedly fun. It’s also fostered a wonderful Facebook community. I truly am eager to get my hooks into Creative Screenwriting (ie writing the script) – something I thought I would be dreading… Read more “Unexpectedly Fun”

Jackie McCarthy

The Smart Way

Love the Immersion approach: by teaching synopsis-writing BEFORE script-writing, it demonstrates how important it is to have a clear narrative and a sense of tone + style, even before you begin. Plus, you get to practice self-discipline, time-management and goal-setting. Now, how can you be… Read more “The Smart Way”


Like A Writing Gym

When I started, it took me weeks to write a one-page synopsis; what to include, what to leave out, what’s really going on, am I a fraud, will anyone ever love me? But now it takes me an hour. Tops. This kind of helps- immensely-… Read more “Like A Writing Gym”

Octavia B. Martin

Look At Movies Differently

I’ve worked in TV news for seven years but wanted to explore other forms of screenwriting. I came into this essentially ‘blank canvas’. And I have learned so much from this course. Having access to quality scripts – and being forced to write loglines and… Read more “Look At Movies Differently”

Alison Costelloe

This Is The “Go To” Place

Nothing feels better than crossing the ‘Immersion’ finish line. If you want to write a first draft for a movie, this is the ‘go to’ place that provides you with the tools and encouragement needed.

Donna Allen

Become an Immersionaut

Due to outside forces attending actual face to face classes would have been impossible. With Immersion, I had the opportunity to enrol in a class with international students who brought a wealth of knowledge with them. So no matter where on this planet you call… Read more “Become an Immersionaut”

Lois Terrans Brabdury

A Must For Any Aspiring Screenwriter

Karel Segers’ Immersion Screenwriting course has been a revelatory experience for me. It goes beyond the science of screenwriting , right to the heart of the art of screenwriting – providing insights, understanding and practical lessons. Karel has combined copying scripts, reading scripts and summarising… Read more “A Must For Any Aspiring Screenwriter”

Nandhi Nagaratnam
writer, artist and yoga teacher

I failed.

I failed. I broke all the rules, bingeing on the reading, then leaving it for days while I caught up on my life, then sprinting to make the deadlines. Even so, I learned a lot, having had no previous screenwriting education, and quite limited TV… Read more “I failed.”

Ordinary Person

Learn The Rhythm Of Story.

Learn the rhythm of story. Now just starting Creative, I find my response to my writing is becoming visceral. I can feel when a scene is going too long, and I start to listen for the beat of the story. It’s not as scary as… Read more “Learn The Rhythm Of Story.”

Caroline Fonda
Film Review 'The Unlikely Pilgrims' Published in Metro Magazine.

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