Masterclass: Pitching Strategies


In this masterclass, screenwriter and lecturer Karel Segers talks about how to prepare for a pitch meeting with a company or individual you have no existing relationship with.

The masterclass was recorded for a live zoom event. Upon payment, you will receive a downloadable HD recording of the class.

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You may already know what needs to be addressed in a good pitch. In this masterclass recording, we go a step further.
You will learn the following:
– The 3-act structure of a pitch
– Manage your expectations
– “Fully prepared” means nothing
– You’re not selling
– Flip it!
– Pitching opportunities 


Every film industry creative has to pitch at some point. Writers pitch to producers, producers pitch to sales agents, and sales agents pitch to distributors. This masterclass talks about some of the universal principles of pitching, as well as the particular challenges for the screenwriter.
Writing great scripts does not guarantee you a career. In order to sell your work, you need to establish connections with the gatekeepers. This often starts with a first contact at an event where many others are pitching just like you. How do you stand out, and come across as the professional everybody wants to work with?


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