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Immersion Screenwriting will give you access to a suite of training modules, focusing on daily writing practice, following the guidance of masters in 7 key genres.

In the Warm Up module, you perform a simple daily exercise. In Wonder, you read and process 1 top screenplay in each of 7 key genres. Eventually, in the Workout module, you apply what you learned in the first two modules.

Read more about the reasoning behind Immersion Screenwriting in this article.


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6 reviews for Immersion Screenwriting

  1. Jannike

    I have taken quite a few online courses, whereof many on university level and I would say that from a pedagogical point of view (POV!) Immersion Screenwriting is top of the line! The whole setup is made to build screenwriting into your body so that you can keep focus on the creative parts of storytelling.

    The course is a fast track into becoming a really skilled crafts person, and I would recommend it to anyone interested in any form of writing, as it creates routine and a trained eye on editing, creating strong characters, understanding momentum etc.

    It might sound like a cliché but there really is a before and after Immersion Screenwriting when it comes to my own writing and also what I teach in my courses. <3

  2. Arvid

    Getting the opportunity to read and work with a bunch of classic scripts over a limited time really gave me a sense of routine that carried over into my own writing. After Immersion I tend to think of my loglines and synopsises to a much greater extent than before, as I’ve come to truly realize their importance.

  3. lois

    Become an Immersionaut

    Due to outside forces attending actual face to face classes would have been impossible. With Immersion, I had the opportunity to enrol in a class with international students who brought a wealth of knowledge with them.
    So no matter where on this planet you call home you can join a course that will stretch you as a writer in so many ways, make new friends, gain an education from one of the best in the industry and increase your chances of success. Become an Immersionaut. It was probably the most intense 6 months of study in my life but oh what a ride (or should I say swim). Thank you Karel Segers for giving your students such an amazing opportunity.

  4. Deleted User

    I had completely underestimated the power of Karel Segers’ Immersion course. In essence, all that was required was a handle on time management to do the tasks (which were incredibly addictive), and then the rest was left to ‘osmosis’. You simply follow Karel’s lead, and without even being conscious of it, you build up an understanding of screenwriting to the point that you can actually write your own screenplay. The speed of the Immersion course teaches time management and commitment to writing. I have really enjoyed it. Thank you Karel!”

  5. Hugo

    Immersion Screenwriting is a tremendous way to start reading, analysing and understanding screenplays for movies and series.

  6. Lee


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