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Immersion Television will give you access to a suite of training modules, focusing on daily writing practice, following the guidance of masters in some of the key TV series genres.

In the Warm Up module, you perform a simple daily exercise. In Wonder, you read and process 1 top TV series in a variety of genres. Eventually, in the Workout module, you apply what you learned in the first two modules.

Read more about the reasoning behind Immersion Screenwriting in this article.


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Immersion TV guarantees immediate results, where many popular screenwriting programs fail on 3 critical levels: they emphasise on structure and rules during the creative process, often resulting in writer’s block; they don’t expose students to successful contemporary screenplays; and they fail to coach aspiring writers in developing a rigorous writing practice.

After a broad trial with 200 students in 2016, Immersion Screenwriting has proven to be successful in helping writers learn the techniques more naturally and effortlessly, while maintaining a high professional standard.


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